Research Fields

1) 智慧型機器人及自動化 (Intelligent Robotics and Automation)

2) 人機互動及擴增實境 (Human-Computer Interaction and Augmented Reality)

3) 3D自動光學檢測 (3D Automatic Optical Inspection)

4) 視覺伺服控制 (Visual Servo Control)

5) 影像處理、3D電腦視覺及圖形辨識 (Image Processing, 3D Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

6) 人工智慧 (Artificial Intelligence)、機器學習 (Machine Learning)─深度學習 (Deep Learning)

7) 嵌入式系統 (Embedded System)

8) 雲端智慧型監控服務 (Intelligent Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS, Cloud Computing) )


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